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ON THE ROAD TO 110 000$

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Date limit to apply : 31 july 2022

What is Fanstories ?

Fanstories allows content creators, streamers & Influencers to share exclusive content with their fans, get paid messages, receive brand collaborations and be their authentic selves.⚡️

Every month we select 10 content creators who will be part of our creator accelerator program.

During this program, we will help, assist & coach selected partners in successfully launching their exclusive fan platform with Fanstories and monetize quickly !

The program aims to accelerate your career as a creator.

Selected creators will receive :


  • ​A dedicated influencer strategist to assist & coach you.

  • (Plus) You’ll get paid to answer messages from fans.

  • (Plus) Commissions from fans. Most creators earn between $20k to $200k/year depending on their reach. 

⚠️ **Important:  Commissions may vary base on the audience demographic, the reach, & the engagement of the creator. We do not make any promisses of success in terms of commissions. 

  • A Professional video made to launch your new community ! Valued at $595 usd

  • You will be listed on some of the major creator marketplaces where thousands of brands globally can access and collaborate with you ! 

  • Monthly recurring incomes.

  • You will be featured on our social media pages.

  • Featured on our advertising campaigns for more exposure.

  • You will join a community of successful creators.

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  • What is Fanstories ?
    Fanstories is a safe platform with a great reputation where creators, celebrities & artists monetize. On Fanstories creators can share exclusive content like behind the scenes videos &, exclusive photoshoots, funny moments of their lives & make money from subscriptions & paid messages. . ⚡️
  • What are the requirements to apply ?
    Requirements : Have direct access & relationships with creators & celebrities. A minimum number of followers is required : 200 000 followers on Instagram and/or Tiktok. Or 80 000 followers on Youtube. Or 30 000 followers on Twitch. Have a real passion for the creator economy. A true desire to live the experience of launching and growing a start up. Endorse the Fanstories vision.
  • How will I get paid ?
    Fanstories uses Stripe & PayPal to pay its creators & partners. Payout Schedule : Daily, weekly or monthly. As you prefer.
  • What are the guaranteed base compensation ?
    So we guarantee a referral pay for all our partners. The referral pay can vary between $200 and $1500 [fixed] depending on the size of the referred creator.
  • What are the commissions ?
    Commissions for our partners range between 5% & 20% on all the transactions made by our creators on Fanstories. Those transactions can include: Monthly subscriptions Tips Special requests Pay to chat Individual media purchase
  • Who are the creators on Fanstories ?
    Fanstories has +2000 creators and 850,000 users (Fans). Most of the creators on Fanstories are comedians, artists, celebrities, lifestyle, modelling, fashion, cosplay & streaming types of creators. Feel free to ask our representatives for profiles we work with. :)
  • How much money can a creator make ?
    Based on our statistics, between 0.2% up to 1.5% of the creators total audience will show interest in subscribing to their exclusive content on Fanstories. For example, Chelsie Deville, a comedy creator with 1.5m followers on Tiktok has 1500 paying subscribers at $15/month. Also, her account grows by about 2% to 10% every month. 1500 subscribers x $15/month = $22,500/month x 12 month = $270,000/year x Growth = $432,000/year ** Feel free to ask our representatives for other examples & proofs of results.
  • Is this like Onlyfans ?
    Fanstories carefully select its creators in order to keep a clean reputation. Most creators who uses Fanstories would highly benefit from having an Onlyfans account but dont want to associate their brand with Onlyfans because of the nature of the content posted there. We offer an alternative to those creators & we work really hard to keep a great reputation.
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