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Connect with your fans ! And get paid doing it.

Fanstories allows you to build a community, connect with your fans and get paid every month. 

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Beauty Vlogger

Share your best photos and videos with your fans

Build a direct and exclusive relationship with your audience

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With a Fanstories fan page, creators can earn between 1000$ up to 100 000$ every month!



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Paid messages

Fans can pay YOU to initiate a chat. Earn money everytime someone tries to send you messages on Fanstories.

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Receive tips

Fans can send you tips ranging from $3 up to $200 for your content. 

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Monthly recurring income

Fans will subscribe to your Fanstories page to access your content. Fans will be charged automatically every month and the money will be send directly into your bank account.

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No algorithm

Your posts are being seen.. For real ! Perfect opportunity to be discovered

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Free & Exclusive content

Post free and paid content. Free content is accessible to anyone VS paid content is accessible only to your paying subscribers.

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Pay to view

Send paid photos and videos. To unlock the content, your fans will have to pay the amount you've asked. Be paid up to $200 for a photo or video you send.

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Monetize your Tiktok

The perfect platform to transform your TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter account and so on into revenues.

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Easy to use

Really easy to use, Fanstories is build like major social media platforms. Post your stories, share your fan page and make a living out of it. 


Totally free

Fanstories is free to use. We only take 20% when a transaction occurs. The influencers on Fanstories earns 80% after transaction fees. 




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